Neopets is an amazing, fantasy-based virtual world developed by Viacom. In this massively multiplayer online role-playing game, you have to create your account & adopt a virtual pet from several species.

Then you need to generate a virtual game currency called Neopoints, through collecting pet items & playing games in the beautiful world of Neopia.

This virtual game is all about caring for your pet, feeding it properly, keeping it healthy with medicine & giving toys, and reading books to improve its intelligence levels.

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You can also train your pet for the competition with other pets in the community & you can make friends with other virtual pet gamers. Don’t you feel it’s really fun to play ? Isn’t it.

Now let’s have a look at some of the best alternative games to Neopets.


Goatling is one of the most rated unique virtual pet game to play & enjoy. In this, you need to adopt a virtual goatling then name it, play games, explore & discover the treasure with friends.

  • A great addictive gameplay
  • Free to play
  • Ad free
  • Let you socialize with other members of community.
  • Beautiful environment.
  • Fun for all ages

Flight rising:

Flight rising is a dragon breeding game with light RPG element.

This is an interesting browser based game where the players oversee an elemental clan of dragons and works with other clans to attain supremacy in the realm. It’s all about dragon breeding, battling & raising a clan of customized dragons.

  • Fabulous graphics and smooth controls.
  • Interesting concept in video game

Animal jam:

Animal jam is award winning safe online game for kids, launched in collaboration with national geographic society. Players can create their own animal with a name that is composed of three simple words. You can also customize your den with furniture, befriend with other players, adopt pets & play around in the environment to explore the new things.

  • Recommended for age group 7-12 years.
  • Improves the knowledge of zoology with the games feature of puzzles & mini games etc
  • Membership feature available to access certain exclusive in-game components.

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This is the best tail-wagging game.This game targets the dog lovers worldwide. The players need to adopt and take care of one or several virtual dogs. Once they grow you need to train them to become a champion & arrange breeding with other player’s virtual dogs.

Best part of this game is that you can also become a groomer or vet and even you can create your own kennel club to take care of your friend’s dogs.


This is the fast-growing, engaging & extremely interesting virtual pet game where players need to explore & find different egg varieties, hatch creatu and raise them as your pet that grow over time into teens & adults. Your task is to take sufficient care of the Creatu, train them & rejoice being the proud owner of a Creatu. It’s wonderful game to explore rare items, collect them & discover different species to enjoy adventures.  There are four planets in Rescreatu that players can explore except one that is far away. Its just a simple & enjoyable virtual game.

  • Beautiful visuals & sounds
  • Great mechanics with different adventures & quests.
  • Addictive game play.


Fishao game is also the most fantastic online virtual game. It focuses on fishing, the user can became successful fishermen in Fishao. The players can catch 200 fish species in 20 different places in the world. Just with a proper bait and fishing rod, you can became a fisherman & earn lot of rewards & befriend with other fisherman in the community.

  • The beautiful theme of the game.
  • Plenty of new things to explore.
  •  The ultimate goal of winning the prestigious fishing tournament.

This fishao game will be fun and exciting even if you don’t like  fishing in real.

Like this we have a lot more alternative games to Neopets like Toon town rewritten, Webkinz, Animal society, Horse isle, Wolfquest, Fantage, Jumpstart, Poptropica, Marapets, Weeworld, Moshi monsters, Kingdom island, chimpoo, Webosaurs, Miramagia & many more which are as best as Neopets that you can explore for fun & adventures.

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