Buying a new car can be one of the most frustrating procedures. Especially, if you are in the market looking for a car you already have. While in both cases the main agenda is to find a product that costs you money, buying a used car can be deceptive. Compared to a brand new car, buying a used car includes replacement parts, engine conditions, proper paperwork and most importantly ‘Rust’. It is often considered car cancer, and it is important to get rusts as soon as possible. Here are some common places to look for rust when buying a used car.

Car doors are one of the most common areas of rust formation, and the most common reason for their occurrence is that the pull holes under the doors are not cleaned from time to time. Prolonged exposure to dirt and wet materials easily stored in door holes creates rust on the edges of doors. However, if it is not comprehensive, your local mechanic can help you adjust it.

Fenders and Rocker Panels
With the increasing use of fiber and plastic materials in the construction of car fenders, these days, rusty fenders or rocker panels are very rare. However, if you are planning to buy one of these older cars with a metal fender and a side skit, it is certainly one of the areas you need to look out for rust. The most common cause of contamination is dirt and mud piled under a wheelbarrow or under-panel panels. Therefore, it is important to clean those parts regularly. If rust is widespread, it is best to avoid buying such a car.

Car floorboard is another important area to look for rust. In India, several of our cities are flooded during the monsoon season, and the floors of a car are often wet. Most car owners do not clean it properly, leading to wear and tear for some time. Although most cars have car covers, if you find a car with a hood on the floor, it is best to avoid it.

Bay Engine
Engine bay is one of the most common places where you can see rust. Now, cast iron is widely used as building materials and installation points inside engine bay and given high temperatures and conditions inside engine bay rusting is common. Engine parts get a layer of rust, but that will become as common as replacing the metal under the hood. Therefore, minimal ground rust is not a barrier to deals when the mounts and bolts are in good condition.

Most exhaust pipes are made of steel and can be easily corroded, while stainless steel is not easily corroded, Aluminum exhausts are usually not easily damaged. The area where you need to seek out rust is where the tubing bends and the welded joints meet. However, exhaust pipes are expensive to replace, but removing rust from a used car may not be a breach of contract, as it does not damage the operation of the vehicle.

With their placement, most car owners do not really guarantee cleaning and maintenance during the suspension phase, which means rust is inevitable. It is expensive to replace, and rusty suspensions can lead to long-term problems that lead to poor ride quality and even damage. Therefore, it is best to avoid buying such vehicles.

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