China Plastic Sheets

Most of the plastic sheeting that is made in the world is coming from China or India. These plastic sheets are made in various sizes and are used in a variety of ways. Most of China plastic sheets are used in agriculture but there are also uses for plastic sheeting in almost every industrial market.

Fast grown for next decade

Plastic sheets and film market is believed to grow at a fast pace during the coming 10 years driven by the increasing application in pharmaceutical and food packaging. Plastic sheets and film are mostly made of polyethylene and polypropylene.

Used heavily in packaging

Rigid, semi-rigid and flexible varieties of these sheets of film are used heavily for packaging and there are also non-packaging purposes. Flexible plastic sheets and films are quickly gaining market share over other types.

Many markets

This use of plastic are essential for shelf-life and quality of food, pharmaceutical and other products of personal care. In packaging, the food industry is the major consumer for plastic sheets and films followed by pharmaceutical and medical packaging.

Agriculture is major consumer

In the non-packaging area, agriculture is the major consumer of plastic sheets. Also construction and consumer goods industry have found wide non-packaging applications for plastic sheets and films. There is also a use for plastic sheets in the consumer electronic market for making flat panel displays and back covers of mobile phones.

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