Starting from buying physical books to transport rate, everywhere concession is applicable for students. The same goes for the internet world. As of now, the whole education system is converting itself into an online mode, a student needs to have free edu emails.

Free Edu emails can be helpful in many ways. Mostly are regarding tools and ebooks but other benefits can be obtained too. Some of the great places to use free edu emails are as follows.

  • GitHub student developer club will provide you developer tool that can be handy for you. Here, the tools for programmers, engineers, and stat students are available.
  • Amazon prime is not a platform for studies. But it’s quite well for a side entertainment for the students besides studies. If you have an edu email, you can run free TV shows, music, etc.
  • Microsoft tools are helpful for everyone. No one in this world, who hasn’t connected with Microsoft tools. Every student needs these tools at a certain period of their lives.

So, no matter whether you are a student or a person who wants to have free access to everything, you need an edu email to run these. Let’s see How to Get Free Edu Emails.

How to Get Free Edu Emails?

To get free Edu emails, first, you need a US address and SSN. Other than these, you must have a legit email address for backup. Name, date of birth, and others details may be asked.

  1. Ccc Apply
  • It is a great site where you can find one college, named Hartnell College. As soon as you get on their site, you need to fill in some details and you’ll have your edu email after one or two business days.
PagesWhat will they ask?What you need to fill
Page 1Legal name, other names, Account information, school name, educational goal, and addressThe name must be wrong and fake. The address must be fake too. Other details can be random. The Phone number and mail must be correct.
Page 2Again the same questions will be asked. But some extras will be there. Parents’ educational qualification, military status, and others.Fill as you have done for the first page. Other details can be random. But military status must be NO. Leave emergency contact place.
Page 3College information and some other college information can be asked here.Leave the places blank. Select college information NO.
Page 4The educational goal, field of interest, and academic terms will be asked.Enter college associate degrees. Try to fill up the form with a financial point of view.
Page 5You’ll be asked for disciplinary history and certification. A signature will be asked too.Enter NO for the answers. For signature, just write down your fake name as inserted.
  • The email you’ll receive may have a long name. Don’t worry, it will be familiar to the name, college name, and others accordingly.
  • At first, the password of the email will be your date of birth. If your date of birth is 29th February 2020, then the password is 29022020. They’ll ask you to change your password and put a strong one.
  • After having it, you must visit the site again. There, you need to verify your email id with the details, username, and password. As soon as it is made, you’ll receive a confirmation message. Check your given mobile number or email.

2. Virginia University and College

Just follow the steps to have a free Edu email.

  • Go to the official site of Virginia University. Create an account. Here, again you’ll be asked for your name, date of birth, your US address, and other details.
  • While feeling up the address, it is recommended to apply the US address. Not from the USA? Don’t worry, go to google and search for Fake Address Generator, you’ll get plenty.
  • On the next step, you’ll be asked to fill up some extra details like Hispanic or Latino or racial identification and others. Reply with ‘NO’. One more question will be asked, ‘Have you ever applied or not?’ the answer will be NO.
  • Some extra details will be asked on the next pages. Those are basic questions. Most of the questions will be regarding your studies, class, degree, and others. Feel free to add fake information.
  • Save the details, you’ll get your edu email ready. After having it, don’t forget to change the password and verify it.


So, these are the best way to have free edu emails. These methods are verified and 100% working.

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