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A man. A legend. The improbably tall, improbable handsome Gigachad – Ernest Khalimov. From the moment he first appeared on our screens in the 2010 documentary film “The Tallest Man On Earth,” we were hooked, and to this day, we still can’t get enough of him!

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Giga Chad is a word that has been floating around the internet lately. But who is Gigachad? What’s his story? And what does he do, exactly? For answers to these questions and more, read on!

Who is Ernest Khalimov and what’s his story?

Ernest Khalimov is a Russian singer and songwriter, best known for his work with the group Gigachad. With their signature blend of electronic sounds and traditional instruments, they have become one of Russia’s most popular bands. Ernest first started singing in 2006 when he was just 23 years old, which makes him pretty young to be so successful!

Not only does Ernst sing but he also composes music as well – that means that not only can you hear his voice on the radio or at concerts. But if you’re lucky enough (or unlucky enough), you might even find yourself hearing it coming from your mom’s car speakers while she drives around town!  What about TV? Well those who are watching MTV will  be able to see him on the TV show “MTV Russia.”

Gigachad-Ernest Khalimov-is a 16 year old from Kazakhstan with an IQ of 156. He enjoys playing chess and solving math problems in his spare time. In 2016, he won first prize at the World Championship in Mental Arithmetic for ages 7-8 (a competition where participants solve as many mathematical equations as possible within 60 seconds.) outscoring all other competitors by two digits. His mom says that Ernest “has always loved numbers.”

Ernest Khalimov is not only a singer and songwriter but he’s also an actor. He has appeared in two films, one of which was The Tallest Man On Earth (2010).

He is most well known for his work with Gigachad who have become one of Russia’s most popular bands. They were called Moscow’s house band at their clubs!  Ernest started singing when he was just 23 years old, making him pretty young to be so successful already.

What does Gigachad mean in English?

Giga Chad is a Russian word that means “giant.” We wonder if Ernest Khalimov’s height has anything to do with the name of his band! When you hear the words “The Tallest Man On Earth,” what comes to mind? For many people this will be a documentary film released in 2010 which followed Swedish singer-songwriter The Tallest Man on Earth. This is not about him though it’s all about our favorite Gigachad: Ernest Khalimov!

In recent years there appears to have been an increase in documentaries and films being made about tall men. Whether they are musicians or basketball players or just happen to be really cool dudes who wear awesome hats, we’ve seen them all.

But Ernest Khalimov is one of the few tall men who has a documentary about him! This film, called “The Tallest Man On Earth,” was released in 2010 and it followed his life as he toured Russia and tried to make his name known to people far away from home. It wasn’t just an ordinary tour though he also promoted peace during Putin’s presidency.

“The Tallest Man on Earth” tells the story of Swedish singer-songwriter The Tallest Man on Earth (aka Kristian Matsson), following him over three years as he tours Eastern Europe by foot with only guitar or piano for company, meeting friends along the way. The film captures both the beauty and loneliness of his life on the road, as well as performances with local musicians and footage from home in Sweden.

The film begins by following Matsson’s journey through Russia, where he meets a collection of fascinating children including one who lives in an orphanage for abandoned babies. He then travels to Belarus, Ukraine and Poland before returning to Sweden near Christmas time.

It’s hard to choose one favorite moment from the film because it was all so good! But if we had to pick, we would say that our favorite part of “The Tallest Man on Earth” was when he met a group of children in Russia and gave them his guitar.  We are sure they loved it as much as Ernest did – what do you think about giving away your old toy for someone else who will love you more than anything?

In addition to being an actor, singer-songwriter and tour guide, Ernest Khalimov is also an artist: He paints with watercolors. There isn’t any clear information available at this time but watercolor painting seems like something Ernest got into after meeting some artists.

Why did he start the Gigachad project?

He started Gigachad (his band) with a few friends in 2007. They were called Moscow’s house band at their clubs! Ernest has been singing since he was 23 years old and it sounds like his voice is only getting better as time goes on – what do you think will happen when he gets older?

The name of the project, “Chickens,” comes from an idiom that means to not be good enough for someone or something. As they say: “I’m just chicken.” Often this definition refers to being scared or cowardly but we don’t want anyone reading this article thinking that way about our friend Ernest Khalimov! When asked why he named the blog “chicken” after himself, Ernest answered “because I’m just chicken”.

In 2010, Ernest and his friends from Gigachad (the band) decided to start filming themselves performing their songs. They found that they liked movies as much as playing gigs so it was natural for them to do both! The idea of making a film about himself came when he noticed people kept asking him questions like what does your guitar sound like? And how tall are you? So the documentary started off with footage of Ernest Khalimov singing in the streets. He wanted everyone who is interested in music or films to know more about this cool dude’s life.


Ernest Khalimov is a neuroscience student who has found the perfect way to combine his love for science and music. He wanted to find an easy way for people with disabilities to enjoy live music, so he created Gigachad. A platform where you can stream audio files of concerts in real time from anywhere in the world.

If you’re interested in joining this project, get involved by donating or requesting gigs through Gigachad’s website. You also need to know that because there are no physical tickets sold on this site, all donations will go towards providing more streaming services! It would be amazing if we could make it possible for everyone around the world to access beautiful performances at any given moment!

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