How To Fix if Phone Keep Disconnecting From WIFI

Is your phone having trouble connecting to your WIFI? Do you feel irritated with the continuous disruption of the WIFI connection on your phone? Did you tried several ways to fix this issue, but still not resolved? Don’t worry, here I came up with some problem-solving ways to get it fixed.

Let’s get into the article.

1.Restart Your Phone:

You might have heard this suggestion “Restart your phone” by your friend & family when you told them that you have connectivity issues with your phone.

Yes, this is the most common thing which has been widely applicable for any kind of problem in the phones. Just restarting your phone can fix any issues. This troubleshooting technique can even solve the issues of android WiFi that keeps disconnecting. Simply hold the power button & select restart. Once your device is on then recheck the connectivity issue.

2.Reconnect to the Wifi network :

Another simple way to fix the issue is to reconnect the WiFi network in your device.

Sometimes due to some external situations, there might be connectivity disruptions that get fixed if your WiFi network reconnected in the phone. You just need to open your phone setting, there click on the network setting & then reconnect the WIFI. Once done, you can check your connection.

3.Forgetting the network:

This is also one of the ways that you can fix the problem of WIFI connectivity to your phone. If there are multiple networks within your phone range, then your phone tries to get connected with the network of best signal strength. Of course, it’s a great feature of most android phones but there is a demerit. While looking to connect with the best signal strength network, your phone WIFI gets disconnected & reconnected.

So you have to check whether the device connected properly to WIFI or not.

4.Reset Network Setting:

This is also one of the techniques that can help solve the WIFI connectivity issues. Resetting the network settings means you need to refresh the cellular network settings, WIFI setting, Bluetooth setting & VPN Configurations. This also helped some users in fixing the connectivity issues.

5.Disable the apps which interfere with the WIFI:

Some apps interfere with the WIFI connectivity results in poor connection & even continue the disruption of the network. Such few apps are VPNs and Wifi priority apps. These apps work very well with WIFI connectivity but sometimes they may cause some issues. So you have to disable them, restart the device to check the connection.

6.Uninstall Antivirus apps:

Most Android users use antivirus to protect their devices from mishaps. Sometimes the installation of the antivirus apps also results in WIFI connectivity issues. So you need to disable the app & check your connection if it works properly. This technique also worked for few people.

7.Check Router settings:

Sometimes WIFI router blocks your phone from accessing the network. This could be the cause of your connectivity issue. You have to make sure that there’s no blockage of your device in router settings. If you are the admin, then login & check the router set properly. Unblock the device if it’s blocked or blacklisted in the router. You must ensure that unblocking is properly done. After that check whether your device’s WIFI connectivity is restored or not.

8.Restart WIFI Router:

This technique also helps in resolving your issue. Rather than checking the router setting for device blocking or blacklisting, you can go with restarting the WIFI Router. Typically most of the connectivity issues with WIFI get restored with Router restart. Once you are done with restarting the Router, reconnect your phone & see if the disconnectivity persists.

The above said are some of the proven methods for fixing your phone from WIFI disconnectivity.

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