Usually, players choose an online gambling platform based on a selection of games or alternative gambling forms.

But it’s not just about the top casino or the latest casino; there are some unique ways one can gamble, from poker, bingo to the lottery.

Here are some ways for you to consider which is best for you at Lawanbola.

Casino Games

  • Online casino games have the most traffic out of all other gambling activities. In other words, it’s the most popular gambling platform.
  • It has a ton of card games, including the popular ones like blackjack and baccarat, like roulette, and so on.


  • It is another popular choice, and it keeps getting bigger, and its newest addition is Overwatch.
  • E-sports games like League of Legends, Counter-strike, Dota are some of the most popular and obvious choices of a platform.


  • Bingo is another choice that is growing at a rapid rate. The basic premise of bingo revolves around matching the numbers on a card to that of the ones called by the game.
  • The easy-to-understand gameplay makes it very simple and fun to interact.


  • The draw market of football ensures bigger prizes since the probability of a favorite victory is high.
  • Horse race betting is another popular sport. The unpredictable nature of this sport means betting on what’s going to happen next which is very intuitive.

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