In an effort to look at the pressure on Instagram users with popularity, the photo sharing platform on Wednesday introduced a small global test where users can choose to hide counts similar to their posts or posts by other people.

What is the reason for the option to change preferences?
According to a photo sharing site, hosted by Facebook Inc, this latest experiment came after seeing mixed responses in its previous tests when the platform removed popularity, which is widely used as a measure of popularity.

By 2019, the company had begun to disguise itself as a small group of people to understand that it reduced some pressure when posting on Instagram. The platform has found it useful for some people while others still want to see the census to help them follow popular reviews.

Meanwhile, Facebook is also looking at a similar experience that will be released in the coming weeks. This will be done to respond to users who want more control over how they interact with content on the platform. Facebook has already tried to hide the popularity of other posts in Australia.

In March, a photo-sharing platform happened to hide the popularity of a large number of users which showed a strong reaction. Some users have supported the initiative saying it is good for the mental health of users, while others see it as a disaster for creators who associate themselves with products. On the platform, popularity is expressed by pressing the heart-shaped icon of the user’s post.

Global testing, which will involve a small percentage of Instagram users, will still allow users to privately see their preferences.

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