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We human beings are too much enthusiastic to explore more and more. It’s great but not all time. Interfering in someone’s personal life is not taken under curiosity. There is a thick differentiating line between manners and curiosity.

However, very few people are there who are caring about the line. They just need spice for their story, a catchy headline for their blogs. They have nothing to do with someone’s reputation. Here the problem starts. For a wrong statement, a life of a person can be ruined.

No matter whether he is an ordinary citizen or a celebrity. The impact of rumours is moreover the same. Such a rumour was heard a few years back, regarding a popular American film star, Tom Selleck.

What was The Rumour about Tom Selleck?

It started a few years back. There is a popular newspaper, called The Globe. From the name, you can understand that its news is also read by international readers. In such a popular paper, wrote, Tom Selleck, the popular American Film Star is gay.

There is no reason left for the readers, not to trust such a great news report. What’s the result? Everyone started giving an odd look to him. Later, other newspaper started putting articles with lots of spice in them.

After, newspaper, lots of websites and tabloids had started reporting about him and started questioning her sexuality. Now, the question is, are all those rumours true? Has anyone asked Tom Selleck for confirmation? Is Tom Selleck Gay?

Is Tom Selleck Gay?

For this information, we’ll request you to check this address. There is a place in California, 30 Acre Avocado farm where Tom Selleck lives. Knock there door, his wife will welcome you with a great smile. Maybe you can see his daughter outside the lawn, chilling in the garden.

So, what’s the point here?

It’s been long since when Tom Selleck was married to a woman. He is living a good happy marriage life. So, isn’t it important for anyone to know about him before rising a finger at Tom’s sexuality?

The reason what was come in front later was the ‘ In and Out ‘ movie. There, Tom Selleck had played a role of a reporter. By the profession, he was a reporter, and from sexuality he was gay. You can say, it’s his acting skills that made everyone think he is born gay.

Final Words

You can be a reporter, but no one has given you the right to ruin someone’s life with your words. When someone is questioning sexuality, human beings don’t get too matured to accept it. Even in some corner, still, homosexuality is thought of as a disease.

So, there is no point inspiring fire by adding oil to it. Everyone even he or she is homosexual or heterosexual has the full right to live a healthy life. We can conclude that Tom Selleck who was accused of gay, is a straight man.

Though after issuing complaints to those newspapers, Tom Selleck finally got his justice.

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