John Carl Dinklage was a famous insurance salesman whose popularity was due to his son. John was the father of Peter Dinklage, who is a talented, famous personality and actor in the Hollywood industry. He played a good role in the Game of Thrones. There were mainly two reasons responsible for the success of John Carl Dinklage.

Firstly he was the father of a famous actor, and secondly, he has a successful career as a salesman. In addition, he was a personality who had a great sense of humanity, which was the main reason for his popularity.

John Carl Dinklage Age and Physical Appearance

The birth of John Carl Dinklage took place on 27the October 1931. In the starting year, he spent his good times in his birthplace in New Jersey in the United States. The birth of the famous personality took place with a good name and fame.

He was of 72 years of age at the time of his death. The height of John Carl was approximately 172.7 cm. His height was the main reason that was responsible for his pleasing personality.

John Carl Dinklage Girlfriend or Current Partners

John Carl Dinklage was a married man. He got married to Diane Dinklage in 1966. When his age was 35 years old, he got married to the love of his life. Before marriage, the name of his wife was Diane E Hayden. Her birth took place in year 1943, and her age was 23 at the time of marriage. The couple had a love marriage; they met in New Jersey.

John Carl Dinklage Family and Early Life

The family of Peter Carl Dinklage was in great demand. He mainly has two children; one was a famous actor name Peter Dinklage who gained tremendous popularity as an actor in the Hollywood industry. Another child of Peter was Jonathan Dinklage. Of the two sons, Jonathon was older and born in Mendham.

In 1990 the younger child of John name Peter Dinklage started his career life. Then finally, in the year 2011, he saw growth in his career life. He started his journey by playing a role in the famous TV series Game of Thrones. Due to his skills, he received Golden Globe Award. In 2005 he tied a knot with his wife named, Erica Schmidt. He had his two sons, one in the year 2011 and the other in 2017

There were three siblings in the salesman that includes Edna Jeanette Tapley, Ray Dinklage, and David P Dinklage. There was a lot of love and affection in between the siblings. Before the death of John his parents and two siblings died.

John Carl Dinklage Professional Life or Career

If we talk about their career life of the John, then it was quite a successful one. Firstly he served in the US military and took part in the famous Korean War. Not only this, but from 1955 to 1957, he was also the Army Lieutenant in Korea. After ending the joining in this sector, the person took entry into the insurance industry and gained tremendous popularity.

 Till his retirement in 1991¸he worked as a salesman in the insurance industry. After this period, he started doing fishing which was his favorite hobby. At the last stage of their life the famous personality worked in the sector of fishing.

Relation between John Carl and Peter Dinklage

Both son and father have a somewhat different physique. The major difference was between the heights of the two people. Peter was known to have the shortest height among all the family members, which was just 4 feet 5 inches. It is the height that was considered as the features of the dwarf person. Despite of their short height, Peter gained tremendous popularity with the passage of time.

Death of John Carl

On 27 June 2004, John Dinklage passed away. He was no more to see the success of his sons. He died and left his people behind at the age of 72. There was no specific reason that was declared as the one responsible for the death of John Carl. At the time of his death, he left behind his wife, two sons, and a brother. A proper memorial service was organized to give respect to the famous personality named John Dinklage.

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