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When it comes to handling official files, programs, presentations, and other staff, Microsoft Office is helping from day 1. Microsoft Office is updating itself with time to give us better performance. Microsoft Office 2016 is one of the updates.

When Microsoft office 2016 was released, it caught attention in the professional field. People loved to accept this office for a better work experience. It offers outlook, excel, PowerPoint, and Word files. Moreover, everything will be ready before your hand.

Where The Problem Appears?

The problem appears with Microsoft Office 2016 Product Key. Though most of the professional institutions buy the original Microsoft Office 2016 with license, not everyone. Now, while installing it from a third-party application, it won’t give us the genuine one.

After using for quite some months, while you’ll be double-clicking on the apps, it will ask you for product keys. Does this problem become the reason for the late submission of your projects? Then say no to this problem, with the best solutions.

How to Activate Your Microsoft Office 2016 with a Product Key?

If you are planning to activate your Microsoft Office 2016 with a product key then the following steps will help you in this case. To avoid any misunderstanding, please uninstall the remaining Microsoft Office 2016 version.

  1. Now, first, download the Microsoft Office 2016 version from any website.
  2. As soon as, the file is being downloaded to your system, open it and search for the set-up file. Click on it and Install it.
  3. Several steps will be asked by you to fulfill. Do as they asked. Finally, click on the finish button. Make sure you place the root software in the c device.
  4. Now, your vital task is being started. Just turn off the internet connection. Use one of the following working keys to activate your Microsoft office.

The list of the product keys is here.


What if These Product Keys Don’t Work?

Don’t get demotivated because few systems have lesser power to check out the system requirements and work properly. For those systems, product keys have no value. In such a case, you apply these techniques.

1. Install Passfab Product Key

Go to your search engine and search for this software. It simply helps you to get the product keys on any license regarding apps.

After installing it, allow the server to connect your device. Then, click on the text formats to get the lists of the product keys. You can copy these in notepad. Check by trying these product keys one by one.

2. Trouble Shoot

Every application has a troubleshoot option. Just do right-click on the software and select the Properties option. Then select troubleshoot. It will help the device recognize the system’s problem and will automatically solve it.

These are Best effective ways to solve your problem. To avoid difficulties from the first place, you must check whether your device requirements are satisfying Microsoft Office 2016 version properly.

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