Regarded as the easiest and best platform for expressing your ideas, Social Media needs no introduction. But, it faces problems due to its improper use. Such a case happened recently when US President Donald Trump’s official Twitter account was closed down by Twitter following the last week’s violence in Washington D.C. Likewise; the company also suspended around 70,000 accounts simultaneously.

Reasons to delete 70,000 accounts
As per the media report, Twitter took a big decision of suspending 70.000 accounts simultaneously for sharing QAnon content which relates to a far-right conspiracy theory. It’s worth mentioning that last week, Donald Trump’s supporters had stormed the US Capitol and some of the people started sharing QAnon content on their Twitter accounts, forcing Twitter to take the big decision of suspending their accounts.

Meanwhile, Twitter using its blog revealed that they have started permanently suspending thousands of accounts in Washington D.C. in the aftermath of the increasing violent incidents and the subsequent losses. They explained that these Twitter accounts were involved in promoting dangerous QAnon content.

Adding further, they stated that further action will be taken if people were found to be violating Twitter rules. Also, Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts are blocked until that time when newly elected President Biden is sworn in.

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