Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has exited the 2024 presidential race, pledging his support to Donald Trump. His withdrawal comes ahead of the Republican primary in New Hampshire, where his polling numbers had been lacklustre.

Nikki Haley, now the sole challenger to Trump, positioned herself as the candidate best equipped to take on US President Joe Biden. The imminent New Hampshire primary will witness a direct competition between Haley and Trump

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In a nearly five-minute video released on X (formerly Twitter) on Sunday afternoon, DeSantis expressed that his campaign had given its all. Despite contemplating additional efforts, he concluded his seven-month campaign, endorsing Trump as the frontrunner after securing 51% of the vote in the first Iowa contest.

I signed a pledge to support the Republican nominee, and I will honour that pledge," stated DeSantis, emphasizing his commitment. Trump's supporters cheered when he acknowledged DeSantis's withdrawal and endorsement

Despite positioning himself as the candidate capable of advancing Trump's agenda without drama or baggage, DeSantis was referred to as "diet Trump" by Florida Representative Matt Gaetz at an event. Some Trump supporters expressed appreciation for DeSantis but felt that the timing was not right for his candidacy.