A lot of people are asking – what is karma? In addition, they want to learn the importance of getting good karma. They want to know what it is and how it can help them.

The Roots and Meaning

Karma traces its roots to Buddhism and Hinduism. Basically, it’s your destiny or fate based on your past and present actions. If you do good things now, you can expect good karma later on. If you do bad things now, you can expect bad karma in the future. It’s that simple.

It’s the Law of Cause and Effect

If you’re still asking the question, what is karma, think of it as cause and effect. Basically, your future (the effect) will be dependent on the past and the present (the cause). It’s basically a cycle. Continuously do good causes and you can expect continuous good effects.

What Goes Around, Comes Around

This is basically the Western answer to the question – what is karma? You often hear people say this phrase when they feel that they’ve been wronged. It’s one way of coping up with the situation. They’re comforted by the fact that the other person’s negative actions will bite him later on, and the fact that they were a victim and they didn’t do anything bad about it by taking the higher road will result to good karma.

It’s a Good Theory to Follow

If you believe in karma, and you practice it, you are expected to do good things. Basically, you’re taking in all the good karma that you can take in and you’ll reap what you sow later on. Be a good human being and you’ll live a good life. Treat others well and you can expect to be treated the same way, maybe even better. That’s the answer to the question – what is karma?

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