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The addition of video surveillance to your home security system is always a prudent decision. However, the requirements for your surveillance will always depend on the exact address of your home.

The crime statistics in and around your area (including thefts, break-ins, etc.) should be the specific threats that you choose to counter when buying security cameras for your property. Also, the weather conditions, camera placement, your budget, etc., will prune down the list of security cameras most suitable for you.

Companies are adding newer, more advanced features to their cameras all the time. You must evaluate these features to know which home security cameras have features that will get the job done.

  1. Placement – Placement of the cameras (inside or outside) will be a huge discerning factor, with things like mounting, housing, etc., coming into play. Like, in the case of extreme weather conditions and harsh environments, you’ll need robust cameras that have features that endure despite prevalent, extreme weather conditions.
  2. Available Lighting – Lighting will not only be different at separate times in a year but will also differ throughout a single day. You have to check if the cameras will have to face reflection, glare, and other lighting issues.
  3. Image Detail – You’ll require high-resolution cameras if you need to zoom into the surveillance feed often. Otherwise, the image quality will get compromised upon blowing up the picture. However, low-resolution home security cameras are good enough for covering small spaces.

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Brands are always on the lookout to add some new features to their cameras so that they look new and unique and stand out from the crowd. It is very easy to get carried away with these exciting features.

However, it could turn out to be a huge waste of time and money. You must conduct proper research beforehand to know your exact requirements and then go looking only for those cameras, which fulfill those specific needs. 

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